Stansted (h)

So buckle in as we have a practice run for the Gordon Brasted Memorial Trophy final this Saturday. With us flying this season, reaching Mike’s plotted destination of 60 points, everyone will be hoping that there are no injuries to any of our key players, key players being pretty much the whole team. On a current form we will be going in to this game confident, however Stansted won’t have much baggage going in to this. They have won four and drawn one (scoring 15 goals in the process) since they knocked Hullbridge out of the cup. Stansted can also look at a good track record as they regularly wing it against the Tons, only losing once in the past seven games (four draws, two wins). So we will need to overcome our turbulent recent history.

The Airportmen took off in 1902 although there are records of them existing around 1892. The greatest highlight is that they have won the FA Vase, which is a feat that no other current ESL team has managed. One notable former player from recent years is of course is Dwight Gayle. I imagine every manager in the ESL uses this player as a point of reference to try and inspire young players to put a good shift for the second half. “You think Dwight Gayle would have ducked out of that tackle?”. (Maybe if Josh had done a bit of research for his blue-sky thinking talks he wouldn’t be our worst assistant manager in recent history. Never again (ed-harsh, but ultimately a fair opinion)). Anyway, he scored a whopping 57 goals in the 2009/10 season; so it was pretty clear skies when they cruised toward the league title that year. But I can’t see anywhere in their records of them having a friendly with Airbus FC?! That’s opportunity missed I reckon, surely attendances would rocket if that was to happen.


a blurry picture of Dwight Gayle having got out of Craig Greenwoods pocket

It’s a bit up in the air what team is out this Saturday as it’s their third game in five days. I for one will be hoping Nathan Cook is doing the business again after impressing at Takeley on Tuesday. Spoke to Freddie Morris about him after a game and he describes him as a natural footballer who obviously loves to play. I would describe him as a Brighton hippy that needs to sort his hair out and get a jumper with less moth holes, but we are all entitled to our views. With Geoff Ocran being the engine jetting us forward we’re looking solid in midfield.

SG Player to watch: Who ever is creating and scoring those goals for Stansted in the last five games. Who are they? Why don’t you go on the FA website and find out for yourself? Want me to do every fucking thing?

SG Score prediction: Gotta be a draw with both teams ticking off the days until the trip to the Essex Riviera on bank holiday weekend. Probably got their heads in the clouds thinking about the upcoming final so don’t think the game will really take off.

RM Player to watch: Tony Cookey and Sherwin ‘have you met our mate’ Stanley have been excellent up top recently, expect them and Roddy Lemba to do some damage.

RM Score Prediction: A high scoring end of season encounter before everyone shits themselves in the final next week: 6-5 Clapton




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